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Ayurveda is a sister philosophy to yoga. Life (ayu) is the combination (samyoga) of body, senses, mind and reincarnating soul. As long as we are not living in harmony with nature and our constitution, we cannot expect ourselves to be really healed.
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The miracle of the human body with its natural healing intelligence is capable of constantly renewing and rejuvenating itself. However when imbalance and weakened digestive capacity allow toxic impurities to form, this natural ability of the body is blocked. Panchakarma, a formidable Ayurvedic therapy, eliminates accumulated toxins from the body, improves metabolic rate and digestive fire and brings balance to the doshas (the energetic principles of the body and mind). In just two weeks this powerful therapy will leave your body younger, stronger and free from chronic ailments and your mind calm, stress-free and relaxed.

Personalised Programme

Panchakarma in the Ayurvedic Resort Goa is a unique opportunity to cleanse in a peaceful and restful environment, while benefiting from the Ayurvedic Resort Goa daily programme of yoga classes, meditation sessions and more. The treatments are designed to meet individual needs with personal check-ups from our Ayurvedic physicians. Dietary, medicinal and massage requirements are modified as required. As each individual is unique, treatments are personalised using herbal medicines and oils to restore harmony and vitality. In addition to the Panchakarma treatment, you will receive a full health check with blood profile, a doctor’s daily review and talks on Ayurveda.

Now a days Ayurveda Panchakarma (Detoxification Treatment) s becoming popular Globally and people are all the time looking for this treatment as it is the best treatment of Ayurveda, but some care should be taken for this treatment before going for Pancha Karma Treatment.


1. It must be done under the direct observation and guidance of qualified Ayurveda Panchakarma Physician.

2. One must consult the Doctor and ask him about his/her experience for Pancha Karma Treatment

3. One must tell about the history of High Blood Pressure,Diabetes or any of the disease if they are suffering from it…it will make easier for the Physician to plan their treatment accordingly.

4. Never expect fast result with the treatment as these are the processes only, actual effect may take place later on, it all depend on the constitution and the disease condition…

5. One must follow the Diet and Life style as per the advise of Panchakarma Physician.

Now some important rules during the Panchakarma treatment:

  • One has to use only warm water to drink, bathe and for other activities.

  • Person who is undergoing panchakarma therapy can not indulge in sex.

  • Sleeping in daytime is contraindicated.

  • Natural urges should not be controlled.

  • Exposures to extreme temperatures or weather conditions have to be avoided.

  • Keeping awake at night is not advisable.

  • Foods which cause indigestion can not be consumed.

  • Mental stress and Excercise have to be avoided.

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Who should attend?

Everyone is welcome. Panchakarma is recommended for everyone. Since Ayurveda is preventative as well as curative, you do not need to have a specific problem to benefit from panchakarma. However the treatment is highly effective for a vast range of disorders and diseases. The treatment is available all year-round.

The Panchakarma therapy is not advisable for persons in whom the following conditions exist.

  • Menses

  • Lactation

  • Cancer of the Lungs or Testicles

  • Melanoma

  • HIV or AIDS

  • Overweight Extreme Obesity

  • Lympho-Sarcoma

  • Hypertension

  • Congestive Heart Failure

  • Emaciation

  • Any Active Infectious Disease

  • Pregnancy

  • Angina Pectoris

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  • Increases strength and immunity

  • Promotes detoxification

  • Increases energy levels, revitalises

  • Anti-aging, has a profound rejuvenative effect

  • Prevents neuro-degenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s

  • Prevents bone-degenerative disease

  • Increases metabolism

  • Increases memory and concentration

  • Promotes weight loss, used for treatment of obesity

  • Regulates menstruation

  • Reduces insomnia

  • Enhances the mind; promotes mental clarity and well-being and on a deeper level, enhances consciousness.

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Stages of Panchakarma

There are three stages in panchakarma therapy, all equally important.


Purva Karma—Preparatory Stage

  • Snehana Medicated oil or ghee is administered orally and through massage. Enables easy elimination of the fat-soluble toxins and removes blockages created by metabolic waste. 1 hour | 5-7 treatments

  • Svedana Heat is applied to open the pores and channels for ease of elimination of water-soluble Techniques used include steam bath, hot bundles, leaf bundles, powder bundles, among others. 30 mins | 2-3 treatments


Pradan Karma—the Five Actions—Treatment Stage

  • Vamana (emesis) Therapeutic-induced vomiting reduces the imbalance of kapha dosha.

  • Virechana (purgation) Medicated purgation through the bowels, eliminates imbalance of pitta accumulated in the liver and gallbladder.

  • Sneha Basti (oil enema) Anally-administered medicated oil or ghee lubricates the large intestine, balancing vata.

  • Kashya Basti (decoction enema) Anally-administered herb-infused decoction high in electrolytes and alkalinity helps neurological, auto-immune and degenerative conditions.

  • Nasyam (nasal medication) Medicated oil or powder introduced through the nose reduces kapha imbalances above the clavicle region.


Paschat Karma –Post Treatment Stage

It is important to maintain a pure vegetarian diet and healthy lifestyle for one month after the therapy and to take rasayana herbs (revitalising herbs) during this period of readjustment. These will be supplied. Additional prescriptions may be offered during the final consultation.

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The Ayurvedic Detox Diet

A complete ayurvedic cleansing program includes 15 days of preparation and 45 days of actual cleansing. Ayurvedic healers recommend paying special attention to your diet during these two phases to avoid overtaxing your digestion and to enable purification to occur easily and completely. Maharishi Ayurveda does not recommend fasting or entirely liquid diets such as juices, because that may cause your agni (digestive fire) to become imbalanced.

The cusp between winter and spring is the ideal time to do an at-home internal cleansing program, to allow your body to release the toxins that may have built up over the long cold winter.

Here are some suggestions:

Avoid ama-producing foods

Ama is the product of incomplete digestion — it represents sticky toxic matter that can clog the channels of your body that carry nutrients to the cells and waste out of the body. Since cleansing is done to clear ama out of the body, you'll want to stay away from foods that build more ama in the body. From the ayurvedic perspective, leftovers, and "dead" foods such as processed, packaged, canned and frozen foods all create ama because they are very hard for your body to digest.

Non-organic foods; genetically-modified foods; foods grown with chemicals, pesticides and chemical fertilizers; and foods with chemical additives also introduce toxins into your body and are confusing for the natural "intelligence" of your digestive system, and should therefore be avoided.

Avoid heavy dairy products such as aged hard cheese or yogurt, foods that are deep-fried or oily, raw foods of any kind, heavy desserts, and foods that contain refined sugar and honey, as these are harder to digest and create ama. Avoid yeasted breads, dry breads such as crackers, and fermented foods.

Eat ama-reducing foods

Favor vegetarian foods that are light, warm, cooked and easily digestible. Freshly-made flatbreads, freshly-made light soups and dhals, organic vegetables cooked with spices, and freshly-made grains such as quinoa are ideal. Mung dhal pacifies all three doshas and is nutritious, yet easy to digest. Certain fruits, vegetables and spices are especially helpful during cleansing, so you'll want to eat a serving or two every day during the preparation and cleansing phases:

  • Fruits: Eat cooked prunes and figs at breakfast along with a stewed apple or pear. In general, most sweet juicy fruits are excellent cleansers.

  • Vegetables: Eat lots of cooked leafy greens. Chop the greens and cook them with Detox Spice Mix for best results. Brussels sprouts and cabbage are also helpful.

  • Grains: Light yet nutritious whole grains such as quinoa, barley, amaranth and small helpings of rice are recommended. Kanji, made by boiling rice with lots of water, is an excellent hot beverage and helpful for flushing toxins out of the body through the urine.

  • Spices: Ginger, turmeric, coriander, fennel and fenugreek help open up the channels of the body and support the flushing of toxins via the skin, urinary tract, colon and liver. Add spices to soups and dhals as they cook, or sauté the spices in a little ghee and add to dishes when the cooking process is completed.

Lassi, made by combining fresh yogurt with water and digestion-boosting spices, is an excellent lunchtime beverage.

Choose foods according to your body type or imbalances:

Ayurvedic healers recommend tailoring your diet year-round to your constitution and your imbalances. This is particularly true during cleansing to help regulate your digestive fire (agni). For detailed information on diets and foods for pacifying each of the three doshas, visit Vata, Pitta, or Kapha.

Drink plenty of hot water through the day

Warm water helps flush toxins out of the body through the urine. To derive healing benefits from the water you drink, add detoxifying spices to the water. Here is a recipe for Detoxifying Tea from The Council of Maharishi Ayurveda Physicians: After the 45 days of cleansing are over, take a few days to gradually introduce heavier foods and ease back into your regular diet. This is also the perfect time to start taking Rasayanas (ayurvedic formulations for overall health and vitality) like Amrit, Organic Digest Tone, or Vital Man or Vital Lady. Now that the channels of your body are clear, your body will make maximum use of the overall healing benefits of these tonics.

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