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Heal Yourself With Panchakarma
Enjoy The Real Konkan Village Life

Konkan is well known for its virgin, clean and silent beautiful beaches, backwaters, rivers, waterfalls, and also for dense forests, unique flora and fauna, herb trails, fruit orchards, rice fields, Alphanso Mangoes - Hapus, Jackfruits, Cashew nuts, Coconuts, Betel nuts, Palms etc. This will make your mind very peaceful.

This peace of mind, helps the panchakarma cleansing process at Ayurvedic Resort Goa. Which certainly increase your health life by 10-20 years.

Ayurveda, Naturopathy & Yoga

According to Ayurveda, Health is defined as the body being clear of toxins, the mind is at peace, emotions are calm and happy, wastes are efficiently eliminated and organs are functioning normally. In a busy, stressful and toxic world, our physical and mental systems accumulate toxins causing deterioration in bodily functioning. This eventually weakens our systems, which opens the door for chronic, degenerative, and non-specific diseases to develop. These can evolve into serious specific diseases, ultimately damaging an individual’s health and wellness.

The Various Healing Therapies by Ayurvedic Resort Goa include:

  • Ayurveda-Ayurvedic doctors regard physical existence, mental existence, and personality as a unit, with each element being able to influence the others. This is a holistic approach used during diagnosis and therapy, and is a fundamental aspect of Ayurveda.

  • Naturopathy-Naturopathy or naturopathic medicine is a form of alternative medicine that employs an array of pseudoscientific practices branded as "natural", "non-invasive", and as promoting "self-healing".

  • Yoga-Yoga, is a meditative means of discovering dysfunctional perception and cognition, as well as overcoming it for release from suffering, inner peace and salvation.


Panchakarma can help by reversing these negative effects of daily living. It can restore your natural state of health and wellness by cleansing your body of toxins, bringing balance into your system and improving bodily function. It can also help you sustain this process by making positive changes in lifestyle.

Ayurvedic Diet

6 AM
  • Any herbal tea (green tea, lemon tea etc. rich with antioxidants)
8 AM
  • Cornflakes + milk
  • Pathiri + Veg. kuruma
  • Upma + Small banana
  • Idli + sambar (less spicy)
  • Dosha + Chatni
  • Appam + veg. stew (less spicy)
  • Idiyappam + veg. curry
11 AM
  • Veg juice (carrot, ash guord, bitter guord etc.)
  • Fruit juice (orange, apple, pineapple, mango, grape, watermelon etc.)
  • Sliced veg / sliced fruits
1 PM
  • Lemon rice / tomoto rice + veg curry + salad
  • Curd rice
  • Thali veg meals (less rice & more veg with less spicy)
  • Boiled rice + sambar (less spice) / moru curry / rasam + vegetables like Cabbage, beet root etc. + aviyal + fish curry.
4 PM
  • Tea + kesari bath / biscuits / ariyunda / valsan / bun
  • Soup (veg / chicken / mutton clear soups)
8 PM
  • Podiyari kanji + cheru payar (green gram) + chammanthi + pappadam
  • Chappathi (dry) + veg carry / kuruma / dhaal curry
  • Appam + stew
  • Boiled rice + rasam / moru carry + veg + fish curry.
NB: Don'ts:
  • Fried items and oily foods
  • More chilly and spicy foods
  • Fried meat (pork, beef, chicken etc.)
  • Preserved food items.
  • Plenty of vegetables and fruits
  • Butter milk
  • Less quantity of food - more number of times a day.

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Benefits of Panchakarma Therapies

  • Eliminate toxins and toxic conditions from your body and mind.
  • Restore your constitutional balance improving health and wellness.
  • Strengthen your immune system and become more resistant to illness.
  • Reverse the negative effects of stress on your body and mind thereby slowing the aging process.
  • Enhance your self-reliance, strength, energy, vitality and mental clarity.
  • Bring about deep relaxation and sense of well-being.

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Nature Cure Center

Nature cure, or natural care refer to methods of self-healing, often using fasting, dieting, rest, or hydrotherapy.

The science of natural therapeutics is based on a use of the same five elements, in the treatment of disease, which constitute the human body. These are earth, water, ether, sunlight and air. It is my effort to point out how they can be utilized for-health purposes.

At Our Nature Cure Center, we provide following Natural Cure Therapies:

Ayurvedic Resort Goa is the premier Nature Cure Center in India and its naturopathic include hydrotherapy, mud therapy, diet therapy, yoga therapy, acupuncture, various massages, physical therapy, etc.

  • Hydrotherapy - Treating with water in the form of a variety of baths, jets, Jacuzzi, various underwater treatments,colonics, aquatic exercises, swimming etc.

  • Mud Therapy - Full body mud bath, various packs, fomentations etc. Mud is one of the five elements of nature having immense impact on the body in health as well as sickness.

  • Manual therapy - It includes various therapies like oil therapy, Vibro therapy, hot stone therapy, deep tissue therapy and Kairali therapy etc.

  • Fasting Therapy - "Langanam parama oushadham" Fasting is the supreme cure. In Ayurvdic Resort Goa we practice therapeutic fasting in which specific juices/soups are given as per disease condition. It helps in elimination of the toxins by giving rest to the digestive system and enhancing the healing properties within our system.

  • Yoga - Yoga is an ancient, extremely subtle science that unites the body, mind and soul. At Nature Cure Center, however, only the therapeutic part of Yoga, namely Hatha yoga is used, mainly to make the body receptive to nature cure treatments, and also to maintain the benefit throughout. It comprises kriya, asana, pranayama, meditation and yoganidra for relaxation and de-stressing effect. We teach disease specific Yogasana and pranayama,depending on a patient’s health condition.

  • Yogic Kriyas - Yogic Kriya include Dhauti, Neti, and LSP etc. which are cleansing practices that purifies the body to get good health.

  • Yogasana - Yogasana are postures, the purpose of which is to create strength, awareness and stability in both body and mind.

  • Pranayama - Pranayama is a set of breathing practices that purifies and heals our body system.

  • Relaxation - Yoga Nidra relaxation technique is taught. It is a helpful tool for coping with stress and promoting long term health.

  • Physiotherapy - Physiotherapy is a branch of rehabilitative medicine that is widely used as an alternative therapy aimed at helping patients maintain, recover or improve their physical abilities. Ayurvedic Resort Goa have a state- of the -art physiotherapy department with modern equipments and trained doctors. The treatments are given for pain management and better mobility.

  • Aquatic Exercise - Aquatic Exercise is a physical form of therapy that is taught in the swimming pool and this is a part of our Naturopathy Therapies at Ayurvedic Resort Goa.

    Water has relaxing and refreshing effects on the joints and muscles. Regularly exercising inside the water strengthens and improves flexibility of the weak and injured muscles and provides relief in joints pain and muscular spasm.It is especially meant for those who have physical limitation to do asana in normal situation.

  • Diet - “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates

    Diet plays a vital role in the Nature cure regimen, as it believes that ‘you are what you eat’ and diet is crucial when it comes to detoxification of the body. Special emphasis has been given on diet in this resort. The food served here is wholesome and prescribed by our doctors in specified quantity as per disease condition.

    The preparations served here are raw, boiled, steamed and baked which are developed and supervised by our dieticians. The vegetables and fruits used in the diet centre are organically grown in our farm.

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Before, During and After Panchakarma

Before Panchakarma:

6-8 weeks before your Panchakarma start date, you will have an initial consult with Doctor to evaluate your health concerns and goals.Doctor will prescribe herbs, stress relief techniques, a lifestyle routine and Ayurvedic protocols to help remove the root cause of your symptoms and prepare you for Panchakarma.You will already begin to feel better even before your retreat starts!

Oleation (Home Prep Cleanse):7 days before your Panchakarma start date, you will do Oleation, which is a cleanse that you will do at home.Oleation helps you enter fat metabolism mode, pulls toxins from deep within your tissues to your digestive system for removal, balances blood sugar (and thus mood and energy), improves digestion, and opens your detox channels.

During Panchakarma

Day One: you may feel tired and experience a small amount of bloating or heaviness. Do not be concerned. This is normal.

Day Two and Three: you may possibly feel a little lethargic and fatigued. This will pass as the liver is working hard to filter the blood of toxins. Emotions may feel engaged more than usual. Old memories may surface. Use the time to journal and release any emotional toxins that you have accumulated. Remember, the mind and body accumulate toxic build-up. Take it very easy and drink plenty of hot water and/or ginger tea. Whatever is happening, know that the body is deeply cleansing all toxins from the body. Continue to eat lightly and get plenty of rest. The Rounding Program of yoga asanas and pranayam that Doctor outlines for you will greatly enhance and smooth the process of purification.

Day Four: You will start to feel lighter and better. If there were any clouds, the sun will start to break through. Continue to be easy and quiet, eat lightly and stay away from hard to digest foods. Rest as much as you can throughout the day. Continue with the Rounding Program. Drink plenty of hot water and ginger tea to help move the toxins out of the body.

Day Five, Six, Seven +:You will start to feel more energetic and enlivened. Continue this rejuvenation as you journey home by setting the intention to nurture health and balance in your life.

After Panchakarma

Diet:It is recommended that you remain on the Panchakarma diet for a few days after treatment. It is important to take a full 6-7 days to gradually return to your pre-Panchakarma diet. You may be given specific dietary instructions from Doctor in your final consultation.

[\Fluids:Continue to drink at least 3-4 cups of hot liquid per day, preferably plain hot water.

Activity:Return to your normal level of activity and exercise gradually. Take 1 or 2 days to begin introducing your normal level of activity. Be regular with your routine.

Daily Routine:Now is a good time to incorporate a healthy daily routine. A daily routine is absolutely necessary to bring radical change in body, mind and consciousness. Routine helps to establish balance in one's constitution. It also establishes regularity in a person's biological clock, aids digestion, absorption and assimilation, and generates self-esteem, discipline, peace, happiness, and longevity.

Daily Self Massage:Doing daily oil massage with sesame oil, the LifeSpa TriDoshic Massage Oil and/or the LifeSpa Body Butter, is very beneficial during these next two weeks following Panchakarma. It is beneficial for the smooth transition from the detoxification and rejuvenation gained from Panchakarma.

Seasonal Panchakarma: Classical texts of Ayurveda recommend that maximum benefit from Panchakarma occurs when treatment is performed on a regular, seasonal basis, three to four times per year.If you cannot take the time to do a full Panchakarma retreat, you can cleanse at home.

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Daily Schedule

07:15 – 07:55 : Morning Yoga session

07:55 – 09:00 : Breakfast according to the individual dosha

09:00 – 13:00 : Ayurvedic therapies or Pachakarma/Purvakarma procedures

13:00 – 13:30 : Lunch according to the individual dosha

13:30 – 14:30 : Rest

14:30 – 17:30 : Ayurvedic therapies or Pachakarma/Purvakarma procedures

17:30 – 18:00 : Evening consultation with Ayurvedic doctor for group 2

18:00 – 18:55 : Lecture: Ayurveda – Basic Principles and the Path to Longevity (3 times per week)

19:00 – 19:30 : Dinner according to the individual dosha

19:30 – 20:30 : Evening Ayurveda procedures as prescribed by the doctor

20:45 – 21:35 : Evening yoga session (breathing practices and meditation)

  1. The program is held under control of the Ayurvedic doctor, who can make changes in your daily schedule with an aim of better effect of the therapy.
  2. The number of the procedures are also determined by our doctor. It can not be elected procedures by choice.
  3. It is allowed individual walk up to 30 minutes per day; only if the outside temperature is higher.Walking is by choice of the participants, so that they can meet their needs for an active movement. For Panchakarma therapy is not necessary to use walking as part of the program. The energy that you will get from the therapies should not be reduced by active exercises.
  4. Schedule may change according to the current period and the individual schedules of the participants, according to the prescription of the Ayurvedic Doctor
  5. Every participant will receive regular information about their daily schedule
  6. The Yoga sessions are held morning and evening from Monday to Friday at Goa Ayurvedic Resort.


  • Three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), a lecture will be held on the topic:What is Ayurveda: basic principles and the path to longevity.
  • Accommodation in local bungalows or House-of-Soil at Goa Ayurvedic Resort. Including all Meals, Special Ayurveda Diet and all applicable taxes.

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Panchakarma (7 days)

Day 1 : Abhyangam + Udwarthanam + Anjanam

Day 2 : Abhyangam + Udwarthanam + Anjanam

Day 3 : Abhyangam + Elakkizhi + Nasyam

Day 4 : Abhyangam + Elakkizhi + Nasyam

Day 5 : Abhyangam + Elakkizhi + Nasyam

Day 6 : Purgation + Abhyangam (evening, if health is alright)

Day 7 : Abhyangam + Navarakkizhi + Karnapooranam

This is the basic Ayurveda massage. Experts massage luke warm Ayurvedic oil on the head and body. Enhances proper blood circulation and relaxes mind.

Massage with special herbal powder after 40 minutes of oil massage. This is done like a scrub for exfoliation; break cellulite; deplete the fat, strengthens the muscles. Removes impurities, dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. This prepares the body for further treatments.

One of the most relaxing and refreshing massages, you can enjoy. This is a massage with warm roasted leaf bags after 40 minutes of basic massage from head to toe with Ayurvedic oils. This is very good for relieving spasm and stiffness of muscles, lubricating the joints, strengthen the spinal muscles and relieves joint pain especially backache. Enhances peripheral blood circulation, cleanses the channels of circulation and detoxify.

Anjana is eye therapy in which herbo-mineral eye drops, ointments or powders are used to clarify and enhance vision and prevent eye diseases. This also helps to remove foreign bodies, itching and burning sensation in the eyes. Anjana relaxes and soothes the optic nerves bringing beauty and luster to the eyes and tranquility to the mind. Conditions that may benefit are cataract, conjunctivitis, macular degeneration and blurred vision.

In Karna Puran or ear therapy, the ears are filled with herbo-mineral oils which lubricate the delicate filaments of the ear canal, dislodging impurities and sharpening hearing. Karna Puran creates a feeling of deep restfulness and may be useful in treating insomnia. Earaches, deafness, ringing of the ears, headaches, giddiness, as well as tooth and gum diseases may benefit.

This is a nose treatment in which three to ten drops of herbal juice or medicated oil are applied through nose after the application of oil and steam on the face. This treatment is highly effective for certain kinds of headaches, sinusitis, facial paralysis, mental disorders, neck problems, allergic respiratory diseases etc.

Massage with Ayurvedic oils for the whole body is done in the first phase of this treatment. This is followed by massage with warm rice (medicinal rice, Navara) bags dipped in milk and a herbal decoction. Oil massage follows as the next phase. This massage nourishes tissues, softens and moisturizes the skin, enhances complexion, strengthens body muscles and cures the stiffness of the joints.

Purgation (Virechana):
Virechana therapy is defined as the medicated purgation therapy, which cleanses the Pitta and purifies blood, by clearing the toxins from the body. The treatment concentrates on the toxins that are accumulated in the liver and gall bladder. The gastro-intestinal tract is also cleansed by Virechana therapy. The process of purgation normally starts within two hours of taking the purgatives. Drinking hot water stimulates it. The faecal discharge turns fluid after seven or eight bowel movements. The faeces, then the toxic Pitta and finally the toxic Kapha are discharged. Virechana is efficacious in the treatment of diabetes, colitis, jaundice, spleen enlargement, arthritis, dysuria, asthma and all types of intestinal disorders.

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Ayurvedic Resort Hospitality Quality:

  • Goa Ayurvedic Resort have a certification from Tripadvisor.
  • Guests are treated with hospitality by konkan local villagers.
  • Guests gets an opportunity to be a villager for a day to experience the village/rural life, including Farming Cattling etc for an unique and enriching experience.
  • Guests relish and indulge in the simple pleasures of life adapted by the villagers in Konkan
  • Guests enjoy delicious home cooked and healthy meals or local authentic cuisine.
  • Well appointed rooms or accommodations in local bungalows or House-of-Soil.

Treatment Quality:

At Ayurvedic Resort Goa we provide Best ayurveda Therapies by the Well Certified Practitioners from the RJVS Bhaisaheb Sawant Ayurved Mahavidyalaya Sawanwadi.

We assure you to provide best Healing with best of Nature.


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We have A Unique Health Resort With Comfortable Surrounding And Homely And Attentive Service. If You Want To Spend Your Holiday Why Not Treat Yourself And Enjoy Between Majestic Mountains!!!

Membership Plan

  • Member gets a free stay at our wellness resort for a lifetime.
  • Your membership is transferable, can be gifted, salable & can be leased as well.
  • Each member will get 25% discount on health food & 25% discount on treatment.
  • The family of 4 will get a free medical checkup.
  • Every member will get health SMS updates on a daily basis.
  • Members will get individual login & password for our own wellness portal.
  • Member can earn out of their membership by renting out their week.
  • Members can sell their memberships at any time at a premium and earn profit out of it.

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