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Ayurvedic Resort Franchise

Ayurvedic Resort Goa maintains a strong bond with its franchisees.

Through Ayurveda, Ayuevedic Resort Goa provides means to shed all worries, anxieties and illnesses. A holistic experience is what Ayurvedic Resort goa aims for with its range of Ayurvedic treatments and therapies. And the expert hands at the Resort make sure of it in every minute detail.

Get yourself engaged in the business of Ayurveda Resorts with Ayurvedic Resort Goa:and start your own earnings.


Ayurvedic Hotel Franchise Goa believes that successful businesses are built on strong relationships. We continually value, respect, trust and nurture our franchisees and distributors because they are a vital part of our business's future; the partners we require to expand and spread the concept of traditional holistic health around the globe.

We offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to establish their own ayurvedic Resort and join the expanding group of franchises. Existing hotels and spas are invited to contact us for Management and Consultancy services to renovate their resort design and branding or improve and expand their range of therapies.

Ayurvedic Resort Goa

Ayurvedic Resort Goa Ajit: +91 9820621021                      Ayurvedic Resort Goa

We offer the following Hotel Franchise opportunities:

  • setting up of Ayurveda Panchakarma clinic

  • Supply of the best Ayurvedic medicines and other products

  • Supply of herbal food supplements

  • Supply of expert staff to the centers

  • supply of necessary equipment and apparatus to the center

  • Search Engine Ranking & Online Promotions

  • providing leads of Ayurveda treatment through online promotion

  • Media publicity of Ayurveda centers…….etc.

Our expert team with the latest technical know-how will assist you in setting up Ayurveda Panchakarma centre abroad. We could provide trained doctor for the centre who has special expertise in Ayurveda Panchakarma Therapy.

We could provide the necessary staff for Ayurveda services and also supply necessary equipment and machinery required for Panchakarma treatment, Shirodhara and massage etc. We have the best available medicines, churnas, Kashayas etc for better results.

We are interested in setting up of Ayurveda Panchakarma centre in different countries like Singapore, UK, USA, New Zealand, Dubai etc.

Ayurvedic Resort Goa

Ayurvedic Resort Goa Ajit: +91 9820621021                      Ayurvedic Resort Goa

What we could offer to our Franchisees?

You can use our Brand Name "Ayurvedic Resort Goa", which has enough exposure all over the world.

We can provide you necessary qualified and experienced staffs who are Panchakarma masseurs. Normally no other agencies provide the staff or it is not easy to find out trained and experienced staff. We are the only agency doing it in India.

We could provide you necessary equipment and apparatus. We are the only agency making the table (droni), Shirodhara stand, steam chambers, and automatic steam generator and making wooden droni in one piece of wood also oil seasoned & kiln seasoned massage table for more durability and avoid leakage. We are hereby sending you a list of items which are of different quality and you can select the best quality you are looking for.

We could provide you the specially prepared, massage oils, powders and other items for Ayurveda Panchakarma massages. We are making this Ayurveda preparation on Bio-energy conservation method - which gives greater potency to the medicines and oils.

90% of our clients are from overseas through our website. We could develop a page for your Ayurveda centre and add it on our website. So there could be promotion of your centre through our website. If you wish we could develop a website for your centre.

We could help you in preparing the brochure for your centre, planning the revenue generation methods, planning the tradition Ayurveda Panchakarma packages like – Rejuvenation / Relaxation / Detoxification, other health care packages, gift packages, one day full package & general massage packages etc.

We could provide Necessary books and CDs - of Panchakarma on extra cost.

We could provide unlimited email / phone / Watsup support for any type of consultation free of cost and also our doctor could answer medical inquiries coming from your centre through email.


For more information on Ayurveda hotel Franchise Business Plans please contact:
Ayurvedic Resort Goa Ajit: +91 9820621021         Ayurvedic Resort Goa ajit.mopharma@gmail.com
           Ayurvedic Resort Goa

Why Ayurvedic Resort Goa Franchise?

Ayurvedic Resort Goa Franchise Scheme is an outstanding service program offering support to those starting an Ayurvedic Health Resort, Treatment Center, Wellness Spa or Luxury Hotel Spa. As an established international brand, Ayurvedic Resort Goa helps all its associates achieve their financial goals by joining in our strong presence in the health and wellness industry.

The Ayurvedic Resort Goa Franchise Model is a sunrise opportunity among franchise schemes because it is based on high and sustainable Return on Investment (ROI). We nurture and educate budding entrepreneurs interested in spa and hotel franchises; after all, that’s how we all profit. Ayurvedic Resort Goa is always sure to research the best possible franchise model to suit each budget, and values our small Ayurveda franchises, as much as our large ones. A loyal and ever growing clientele stands as testimony to the high standard and excellent reputation of our hospitality service and Ayurvedic spa treatments.

With various franchise options, you’ll gain the following benefits by working with Ayurvedic Resort Goa

Leadership The constant improvement and rigorous polishing of our skills makes us a leader in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic Resort Goa Ayurvedic Group has been serving health and hospitality for the last 8 decades; creating a firm presence in the field of Ayurveda. We share our hospitality experience and leadership expertise with our valued associates.

Brand value Ayurvedic Resort Goa Group has an excellent brand value; already renowned for its exquisite Ayurvedic health retreats and treatment centers, and no stranger to connoisseurs of good health. Our name offers brand recognition and quick brand recall.

Experience The sharing of experience makes one well-versed with new things. Our in-house experts are there to guide you through every part of the franchise process, and lend you all the expertise we have accumulated through our eight decades in the industry.

Research & Development R&D is an ongoing process at Ayurvedic Resort Goa. We are a market leader in the manufacture of Ayurvedic medicine, herbal remedies, body and skin care products, and we also develop educational materials for our franchisees and guests. We constantly evaluate and upgrade our existing products and services to keep up with the demands of an ever-changing market.

Dual Income Benefits Our associates can take advantage of dual income options by providing our Ayurvedic treatments to their clientele and retailing our GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified Ayurvedic Products.

Technical Support Ayurvedic Resort Goa Ayurvedic Group manufactures our own equipment and can provide services in setting up your entire treatment centre. Our spa franchise scheme is truly an end-to-end solution.

Software Support Ayurvedic Resort Goa will provide you with the latest spa software, making your spa operations a breeze. We offer wellness software to handle billing, inventory management, staff management, book-keeping purchasing, invoicing, case studies and much more. All of this is available at the click of a button, assisting your spa performance analysis.

Marketing Support Ayurvedic Resort Goa Group runs marketing projects for all members of its group, including both their own and franchised outlets. Our accomplished online and offline marketing teams are pleased to impart Ayurvedic Resort Goa’s secrets to our trusted associates, for our mutual growth and success.

Operational Protocols Ayurvedic Resort Goa will help you chart Standard Operational Protocols, in order to maximize client comfort while minimizing confusion in Spa Operations processes.

Staff Support and Training We provide well-trained staff to our associates from therapists to qualified doctors, bringing you the best employees at unbeatable value.

Spa Equipments Ayurvedic Resort Goa Spa is famous for providing Ayurvedic spa equipment of the highest quality, to an original design.

Design & Layout Ayurvedic Resort Goa can provide an exquisite design for your interior, lending an ambience that will take your guests’ breath away. Our project consultants are happy to assist you in creating a traditional and rich atmosphere to suit your spa theme. Project consultancy charges are available upon request.

Ayurvedic Resort Goa

Ayurvedic Resort Goa Ajit: +91 9820621021                      Ayurvedic Resort Goa

A Shift in International Wellness Tourism

This is the perfect time for international growth and expansion in the spa business. The twenty-first century is witnessing a tremendous escalation of Indian spa centres globally, the spa industry's most trusted critics claim that India's spa industry is now at the international forefront and are predicting that Ayurveda the model of natural ancient health care is set for huge popularityp.

The world is rapidly shifting towards a new understanding of health and that is “wellness”. Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. It is much more than just being free from disease.

Yoga and Ayurveda are not merely two separate but related healing disciplines of India. Each has its exclusive place and purpose, but both overlaps into the other on various levels. Ayurveda is beneficial if you are following the path of yoga. Practice of these two incredible healing methods can offer you the true meaning of wellness.

The spa and wellness industry have advanced exceedingly and with the vast choice now available, it is clear that intelligent customers seek a system of health and lifestyle that will help them endorse permanent changes in their life. As a comprehensive science and philosophy of health, there is no system better placed than Ayurveda to introduce a complete wellness and holistic health to one’s lifestyle.

Ayurvedic Resort Goa Group is dedicated to offering our customers something more than medicine, therapy, Yoga, detox or beauty treatments. We offer full lifestyle coaching, education and support, giving them all the tools they need to permanently enact change when they return home.

Ayurvedic Resort Goa

Ayurvedic Resort Goa Ajit: +91 9820621021                      Ayurvedic Resort Goa

Our Treatment Centres

All the treatment centres offer an extensive and compassionate doctor's consultation, pursued by a rejuvenating course of Ayurvedic treatments and therapies which is delivered by a team of highly trained and world-class Ayurvedic experts and therapists.

As a family of Ayurveda experts, the Ayurvedic Resort Goa Group is committed towards providing a wide-ranging Ayurvedic services.

The quality of the excellent personalised and individualised care we provide has been our top most priority from the very beginning.

Precise complementary or curative programs as per your requirements and comfort can be arranged at our Treatment Centres. We offer tailored detox, beauty and herbal treatment programs as well as Ayurvedic Panchakarma that are the ideal choices for those embarking on a newly health-focused lifestyle.

Ayurvedic Resort Goa

Ayurvedic Resort Goa Ajit: +91 9820621021                      Ayurvedic Resort Goa

What our Treatment Centres Provide?

  • Ayurvedic Doctor's consultancy.

  • A complete assortment of traditional Ayurvedic treatments and therapies including Panchakarma, Shirodhara, Abhyangam.

  • All kinds of Ayurvedic massage and Indian head massage.

  • Post-natal treatment and care.

  • Therapies for Diabetes,Arthritis,Back pain etc.

  • Stress Management Programs and Rejuvenation Packages

  • Weight-loss programs.

  • Ayurvedic steam treatment and sauna.

  • Lifestyle coaching and training for leading an Ayurvedic lifestyle.

  • Yoga and meditation courses to enhance the health of mind and body.


Ayurvedic Resort Goa Ajit: +91 9820621021                      Ayurvedic Resort Goa

Ayurvedic Resort Goa

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